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Topic subjectfinally got around to seeing this movie...
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48841, finally got around to seeing this movie...
Posted by The Goldng Child, Fri Nov-11-05 02:22 AM
first of all, anytime people trade expletive filled quips back and forth at each other on a message board, we all get a little bit stupider.

anyways, yeah there were a number of corny parts. the music, the snow, the incredibly random and useless role that asians play, and most of the obvious and trite monologues that characters had sprinkled here and there.

but whatever, it was a good movie. done well, entertaining, and i thought most of ludacris's lines were hilarious. like someone had said earlier, it's an important film because it both starts discussion, and is easily accessible to the mainstream. i really did enjoy it.

(seriously though, how can you have a movie about race set in l.a. and not have asians play any kind of significant role?! that's the part i found most insulting)