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Posted by buckshot defunct, Thu Jun-02-05 01:23 PM
>We do. We most definitely do. And I know I'm being I can't recall a more recent trip to >the theatre that has left such an awful taste in my mouth.

Clearly you and I aren't seeing the same movies. I'm with Janey, I thought this was one of the better mainstream flicks I'd seen in a long while.

>I found Haggis's method of racial, ethical and personal
>quantification to be quite insulting. You can't put such dire
>issues into capsule by using old-hat script mechanisms and
>fairytale coincidences.

What specifically insulted you? I mean, don't all movies, even at their best, put dire issues into capsule? Can you *really* say all there is to say about race relations in 2 hours? If a movie has ever done so then please point me to it. I'm reading your criticisms and I still don't understand your beef. What is it you wanted from this film?

I didn't have a problem with the fairytale coincidences. I can see how someone might, but I think that's kind of missing the point. It was an accessible method of addressing the interconnectedness of things, and I think it was pretty well executed.

It's not the most complex piece of cinema ever created, despite the dire issues it chooses to tackle. But see, I see that as a strength. It's accessible while still somewhat challenging. It's got a good heart and a good message and better yet, anybody can get it. But at the same time I don't think it pandered.

>The fact that almost every character had to redeem him/herself was grating enough.

Who was redeemed though? I saw that Crash went out of its way to point out the good and the bad in its characters, but I never got the feeling it was trying to pardon their sins or taint their triumphs. I don't get what was condescending about that either. Seemed like the movie really left a lot of it in the audience's hands, as you can kind of see from all the discussion Crash has inspired.

The movie wasn't flawless. I think you mentioned something about the soundtrack at one point, and I can kinda see where you're coming from. Although, I didn't even consciously take notice of the music until about halfway through the flick (Must be the woochips.)

All in all I was really satisfied with Crash. Pretty solid cerebrally as well as emotionally- You did remember to feel the movie while you were watching it, right? Or have we forgotten how to do that...