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Topic subjectI'm gonna have to watch that again
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48822, I'm gonna have to watch that again
Posted by buckshot defunct, Thu Jun-02-05 04:12 PM
>Bullock's character was a joke. When she told the maid that
>she had earlier treated like a sack of dirt that she was her
>best friend, I almost lost it.

Because I don't really understand what Haggis was trying to say with that one. Certainly this wasn't supposed to be showing us Bullock's "other" side? Because to me all it said was 'this stupid bitch still doesn't get it"...and I'm sure that's exactly what the maid was thinking, too.

>aughing like a hysterical Tom
>Cruise doing whip-its in a Coney Island funhouse.


>I can't believe I haven't yet mentioned the angelic kevlar
>girl surviving a hollowpoint to the face. Pretty stirring
>stuff. Really makes you think.

Hey hey now... I was holding my breath through that entire scene, man. If you can't appreciate that the gun was in fact loaded with blanks, and that the little girl was okay after all... Well then it's not your head that's full of woodchips my friend, it's YOUR HEART.