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Topic subjectRE: Onstad's a good writer, but
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48821, RE: Onstad's a good writer, but
Posted by Yogaflame, Thu Jun-02-05 03:44 PM
Nice summary. Well said. But I still agree with every line Onstad wrote.

Bullock's character was a joke. When she told the maid that she had earlier treated like a sack of dirt that she was her best friend, I almost lost it. My finacÚ and I exchanged looks, mere inches away from laughing like a hysterical Tom Cruise doing whip-its in a Coney Island funhouse. Compare Bullock and the hispanic maid in Crash to that smarmy manchild and the hispanic maid in Solondz' Storytelling and you have a canyon of difference.

I can't believe I haven't yet mentioned the angelic kevlar girl surviving a hollowpoint to the face. Pretty stirring stuff. Really makes you think.