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Topic subjectRE: Ever think that maybe your interpretation of the film was different...
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48803, RE: Ever think that maybe your interpretation of the film was different...
Posted by Yogaflame, Thu Jun-02-05 01:18 PM
There was nothing complex about the film. Exsistential? It was a rote paint-by-numbers. I agree with you that the film WASN'T about redemption. But that's not what many people have been saying and it certainly goes against the intentions put forth by Haggis.

The cardboard characters, the way too sharp dialogue, the overt symbolism, the Sierra Club soundtrack bellowing from on high, the snow...EVERYTHING about this spells highschool journal keeper. A soft-centered tone poem about an all too real facet of daily life should not be attracting so much praise.

Look, I'm not going to waiver on my opinion here. My opinion says that in order to like this film, one must be delusional.

Just take peek at the reams of comments on Crash's IMDB page. Here's a choice one:

"After seeing this movie, I was able to really understand what "Six Degrees of Separation" means. There is a thread that weaves its way through the landscape of life connecting, influencing, and defining all. This movie is certainly thought-provoking, one cannot watch it without feeling either privileged to have become part of the fabric, or like a fly on the wall - seeing, yet unable to influence or guide. There is almost a sense of frustration at ones inability to be no more than an observer in this movie since it compels you to want to shout in warning, gasp in shock, cry in sorrow, and hold in comfort. "Crash" is definitely not a movie to use as a venue to escape life for a couple of hours, but it is a movie that certainly makes you take a second and third look at who you are within yourself. The actors are surprising not only for their depth of performance, but also because they do not play characters you think you know. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes drama, action, comedic relief, or just an appreciation for a well-thought out movie."

I mean, please. Jesus Christ...