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Posted by Yogaflame, Thu Jun-02-05 12:50 PM
We do. We most definitely do. And I know I'm being incredibly broad and confrontational and immature with this post, but I'm really, really shocked that so many people have warmed to this pablum. I can't recall a more recent trip to the theatre that has left such an awful taste in my mouth.

I found Haggis's method of racial, ethical and personal quantification to be quite insulting. You can't put such dire issues into capsule by using old-hat script mechanisms and fairytale coincidences. The fact that almost every character had to redeem him/herself was grating enough. Every square inch of this film was condescending and limp and I think it cuts to the heart of the very same lot of people who refuse to disagree with anything that promotes ye ol' utopian softshoe.

That said, I honestly believe that anyone who enjoyed this movie was wearing Zircon-encrusted blinders for at least two hours of their life.