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Topic subjecti think it's great
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48477, i think it's great
Posted by ficus, Wed Dec-07-05 05:19 AM
i didn't see it during its original theater run, as i was in an indier-than-thou mindset and assumed that people were going to see it again and again because it was the in thing to do, therefore, the movie sucks.

when i finally did get around to seeing it maybe a year or two later, i really loved it and felt stupid for ignoring it the first time around.

last year i picked up the DVD and watched it and commented to a friend that wow, it really is a great movie. QT's primary gift imo is directing actors, and PF shows that off immensely.

and to O_E: if you don't like the movie, okay, cool, but you're kind of sounding like a blind guy saying we're all fucking morons for talking about the sky and trees and how beautiful they are when they obviously don't exist. maybe you should just shrug and say you don't really get it, or it's not your thing, and KIM.

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