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Topic subjectIt was wack then, its wack now
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48475, It was wack then, its wack now
Posted by kayru99, Tue Dec-06-05 08:39 PM
It's poorly thought out and executed. QT tries to be clever for its own sake, but don't even do a good job of that.

It also shamelessly rips off a shit load of much better movies, as does all of qt's work.

I saw it when it was in the arthouse here in atlanta back in the day, and i was like what the fuck is this shit? Watchin vinnie barbarino dance does not a good movie make.

I'm with OE on this one it's a pointless flick, and a poorly done one at that. People have come up with all kinds of meanings to the movie, but ya boy tarantino hasn't ever really come up with one has he?

And yes, I'll also assume uma thurman is a man, until i actually SEE her vagina.