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Topic subjectpf is a great crime movie.
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48470, pf is a great crime movie.
Posted by Stringer Bell, Thu Aug-18-05 07:48 PM
yes pf is a genre film, this is why snobs don't want to give it any credit. that's fine by me.

pf will age like any film that depends upon expanding on certain timely attitudes. pf depended upon your conception of criminals, as did reservoir dogs and jackie brown. i think most of tarantino's movies do a decent job at seeming time-inspecific though. no hightech weapons systems or anything, lol. but understand that this kind of outside-in look at the criminal underworld (a fiction about something most of us know few facts about anyway basically) will be much more dependent on attitudes temporally attached to the specific timeframe (the nineties) than a more inside-out character study about qualities that we connect with that truly are timeless (love, betrayal, etc.)

pf is in the "cool criminals" subgenre along with just about everything david mamet has done. these movies are to a great extent about EXCELLENCE. they are about functional integrity in a world where we've been taught there is "no honor among thieves". in this way they are subversive but again probably less so with the passage of time. they are very modern in their moral ambivalence though.

but make no mistake, pf is about people not ideas. it's about behavior not feelings. and it's about society not humanity. so it will age faster than "deeper" films.