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Topic subjectI have a Y Chromosome. You don't.
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48467, I have a Y Chromosome. You don't.
Posted by Orbit_Established, Thu Aug-18-05 04:00 PM

Just kidding.

Don't be mad, I'm just joking, and shit, gawd.

>I get that you're insulting the masculinity of the male ptp
>population, but are you also asserting that women are
>incapable of having good taste in films?

Most of you guys honestly seem like alright dudes. And I actually wish more women would post, so no, you're latter point is wrong.

>I love how you constantly lump all our views together. It's
>always you vs the world (of ptp), eh? Gawd.

Thas right.

I shall vanquish all sippers of caffeinated beverages with more than three syllables.


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