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Topic subjectI'm confused about your reply
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48434, I'm confused about your reply
Posted by B9, Thu Aug-18-05 08:41 AM
>Note: You have a right to your opinion, and I have a right to
>completely disagree. Not personal.

True enough. Just keep the personal attacks out of the replies, we'll do the same.

>The inside joke was that Tarantino could make a movie about
>absolutely nothing, with hidden maguffins, camera angles,
>tribute shots, suitcases, and obscure references, and pass it
>off as an intelligent movie to fund his mediocre, bland,
>uneventful film career.

Did you just crossover to talking about Reservoir Dogs or are you talking about Pulp Fiction? You know PF would never have happened without the indie success of Reservoir Dogs, right?
Pulp Fiction isnt really "about nothing"; you'd have to define what SOMETHING is in a movie. There are surely plots in the movie that seem to have little point,but those parts are there, I believe, to undersrcore the backdrop of the real crux of the movie: Jules' realization of hummanity, Mia's exposure as a fraud and Butch's ability to capitalize on his rage.

>The inside joke was that he could pass off a decidely bland,
>simple, unfunny movie, and it could attain this "underground",
>"alternative", "indepedent", "hidden gem" status that causes
>people to forcefully manufacture reasons to like the movie,
>solely because its the "intelligent" thing to do, not because
>these people can ever actually point out to me, or anyone
>else, what the hell it was about.

See above and I'll explain any of that to you if you want. And to call Pulp Fiction underground? Seriously, there is nothing underground about it anymore.

>Its ironic-- The most intelligent guy(as in like, real genius)
>I know is the only person I've ever known who openly admitted
>to me that he didn't understand a single fucking thing about
>that movie. Tons of idiots, on the other hand, love to school
>me on its profundity.

Idiots? And it just so happens that the one person that agrees with your opinion is who you consider a "real genius"...

>I'll change my opinion the minute someone can actually tell me
>what the film was about. I know its alternative, but
>alternative-ness dosen't mean the film can be a collection of
>scenes about nothing.

See above.

>Pulp Fiction completely fucked up movies, because it ushered
>in this era of films that were made to be DISCUSSED and not

bullshit. it ushered in movies that could be listened to AND looked at and not simply "watched", it brought back dialog that didnt simply frame what you could already see happening. You can watch just about anything, from Jerry Springer to an opera. If you cant listen to a monologoue and pick up on the nuance of a character or the details of an unrevealed event then maybe Pulp Fiction isnt for you.

>I think its no coincidence that coffee shops started to become
>more popular after its release.

Poor attempt at a jab.

>And film would be a better place without Uma Thurman, hands
>down the least sexy sex object I've ever seen.

^^^mad homo^^^

shit, almost made it through an O_E response without an attack. Oh well, ducks on the pond....