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Topic subjectHa ha. But why should I do that, that my friend?
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48432, Ha ha. But why should I do that, that my friend?
Posted by Orbit_Established, Thu Aug-18-05 03:11 PM
>just give up all this red herring bullshit and get back to
>the original point: prove that i misused the word, or just let
>it rest.

Why do that when I can point out how you misused the etymological origins of 'ephemeral' for the sole purpose of showing how much(or more appropriately, little) you know?

Unfortunately, the usage of that information was piss poorly placed and irrelevant. Again, you didn't place it where you placed it to strengthen your argument, you did it to appear intelligent. Its your M.O.

It jus don't work around O_E though. He can spot a fraud.


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