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Topic subjectdude... you're still here?
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48431, dude... you're still here?
Posted by AFKAP_of_Darkness, Thu Aug-18-05 03:03 PM
just give up all this red herring bullshit and get back to the original point:


prove that i misused the word, or just let it rest.

or better yet, just man up and admit that you made a mistake. i'll respect you more for it (of course, "more" suggests that i even respect you to begin with... which is not the case)

as for the issue of the proper use of "ephemeral" in general, i'm quite ready to back up any of my statements about the English language with evidence. if you want to go there, we can do it... but you have to make sure you're prepared. otherwise, do not waste my time.

until then i'm retiring from this discussion because you are talking a whle bunch of nothing right now.