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48427, Hilarious
Posted by Orbit_Established, Thu Aug-18-05 02:42 PM

Nigga, you flew in here with your "actually, 'ephemeral' was originally used in biolog to describe the lifespan of fruit flies" when that:

a)has nothing to do with how its properly used now, and

b)Is retarded because you are talking to a guy who has studied fruit flies and other organisms with shorter lifespans, and yet has never, ever, come across the term 'ephemeral' in regards to their lifespans. When I describe a short life span, I either c)define it by a length of time under a certain set of conditions or b)Simply say "short."

Very ironic. You not only misuse words, you misuse information. In what context the original meaning of 'Ephemeral' was conceived is completely unhelpful is *this* specific discourse.

You only brought that up to appear intelligent.

And it backfired, as usual.

>you didn't produce a citation (admittedly, neither did i...
>but i'm willing to)
>all you said is "TV commercials are not ephemeral" and i'm
>supposed to take your word for it just because you say so?
>nigga, save that revisionist shit for someone more gullible.
>all of this is way beside the point, though... because whether
>or not TV commercials ARE ephemeral, how does that prove that
>i misused the word?
>(i believe what i said was "you are ill-prepared for even the
>most ephemeral intelligent discussion")
>or "sophomoric" for that matter?
>nigga, just admit that you were wrong and we'll forget about
>it. everybody is wrong sometimes... there's no shame to it.
>just admit it, dude... have some respect for yourself.


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