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Topic subjectHoe please.
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48425, Hoe please.
Posted by Orbit_Established, Thu Aug-18-05 10:53 AM

You tried to get all fancy with your "actually, the history of the world 'ephemeral' is..."

and you got called the fuck out on it.

Get over it.

You're wrong.

>the moment you are confronted with solid reason, you
>immediately try to derail the discussion towards sophomoric
>(ha!) insults.
>i don't need your confirmation to tell me what i already know,
>and don't make the mistake of thinking that you know me, or
>even anybody like me.
>for the record, if we were to comb through both of our
>aggregate posts, i can assure you that we would find way more
>abuses of misuses of the English language in yours than in
>i know this because i have actually mentally catalogued a
>number of them. i just don't bring it up because i realize not
>all of us on this board are on the same level educationally.
>a word of advice, though: it takes a man to be able to admit
>that he is wrong. i've never seen you do that.


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