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Topic subjectyep... just like clockwork.
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48424, yep... just like clockwork.
Posted by AFKAP_of_Darkness, Thu Aug-18-05 10:49 AM
the moment you are confronted with solid reason, you immediately try to derail the discussion towards sophomoric (ha!) insults.

i don't need your confirmation to tell me what i already know, son. definitely not instruction on the relationship between etymology and current usage. either you prove that i used the word incorrectly, or you do not.

and so far... you haven't done dick.

and don't make the mistake of thinking that you know me, or even anybody like me. (didn't get the Darnell Jefferson ref... i've never seen The Program, though i'm sure it's a good flick)

for the record, if we were to comb through both of our aggregate posts, i can assure you that we would find way more abuses of misuses of the English language in yours than in mine.

i know this because i have actually mentally catalogued a number of them. i just don't bring it up because i realize not all of us on this board are on the same level educationally.

a word of advice, though: it takes a man to be able to admit that he is wrong. i've never seen you do that.