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48422, LOL
Posted by AFKAP_of_Darkness, Thu Aug-18-05 10:22 AM
>"Ephemeral" means transient, lasting for a short amount of
>time, etc.

good... i see you know how to use Google. that's a start.

>You don't throw a term like that around, though. Its to used
>to describe philosophies and ideas...typically abstract and/or
>grand things.

here's where you're wrong, buddy.

the original use of the word was within a biological context. for example, the lives of fruit flies are ephemeral because they last for a very short time.

the use of the word has expanded to describe ANYthing with a markedly short lifespan, eg "an ephemeral love affair"

i'm yet to see where i misused the word.

>TV Commercials are not "ephermal." Political
>regimes and ideologies in some countries, *are* ephemeral.

actually, this is incorrect. but it doesn't matter because i don't recall using the word in reference to anything remotely resembling a TV commercial anyway.

(i can produce scores of citational evidence for all of this, btw. i just don't expect your monkey ass to even bother reading it. but if you want it, i'll give it to you. remember: i WRITE AND EDIT DICTIONARIES for a living.)

>You have a quiz on Tuesday, bitch.
>You're chilling with a D average right now though.

no...you're failing badly.

now... "sophomoric." explain it to me. show me you're not full of shit.