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Topic subject"Ninja" is used when....
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48421, "Ninja" is used when....
Posted by Orbit_Established, Thu Aug-18-05 10:08 AM
.....A black man is trying to cut down on his use of the word "nigga", and so uses "ninja" because it sounds the same and can be used as a noun to describe the same set of persons that "nigga" is used to describe(friends, collegues, peers, cohorts).

"Ephemeral" means transient, lasting for a short amount of time, etc.

You don't throw a term like that around, though. Its to used to describe philosophies and ideas...typically abstract and/or grand things. TV Commercials are not "ephermal." Political regimes and ideologies in some countries, *are* ephemeral.

You have a quiz on Tuesday, bitch.

You're chilling with a D average right now though.


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