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48404, ^^^Pretty Much On Point^^^
Posted by Orbit_Established, Thu Aug-18-05 08:09 AM

You see, the difference between me and you is that I *didn't* see it in the mid 90s when the film had enormous hype and was this '90s-pop culture-the "in thing"-status symbol' that everyone liked just because if you were cool and hip in the 90s, you liked 'Pulp Fiction'.

I saw it well after that, where I could actually watch and evaluate the movie for what it was.

And it sucked.

The tributes are stupid, nerdy ways of biting.

The maguffins are just ways to try and outsmart the audience just so one can say "I bet they don't get this....I'm so cool, I'll set the clocks to this time and though the clocks don't make my shitty script or storyline any better, I'll be labelled a genius for paying attention to stupid, unimportant details"

The dialogue is way overdone, "let the characters talk about random things that people tallk about in everyday life" blandness.

For chrissakes, the dance scene was just a fucking dance scene. I'd rather watch Travolta in 'Grease' (no homo).

No this movie has not aged well because there wasn't very much to begin with.

>like, once you lose all the inside jokes, hidden references
>to other films (goodfellas, taxi driver & john woo films being
>the most obvious)...what are you left with?
>there IS a plot, albeit a bit scatterd (and no i dont say that
>just cuz the movie's timeline is out of order)...and some
>really funny lines...but it just doesnt feel the same
>kinda like, when you were in high school and you heard
>such-and-such music and thought it was SOOOO profound and
>meaningful, and now 10 yrs later you listen to it and its just
>corny genarlized lyrics that anyone could have written.
>*shrugs* I still watch it...i still bought the dvd, but its
>more out of nostalgia than anything...on the other hand a film
>like 'goodfellas' i've seen as much as PF (if not more) and i
>still love every scene, shot, and line to death.
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