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Topic subjectRE: Its sucked then, and it sucks now.
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48394, RE: Its sucked then, and it sucks now.
Posted by Ryan M, Thu Aug-18-05 01:31 AM
>Its ironic-- The most intelligent guy(as in like, real genius)
>I know is the only person I've ever known who openly admitted
>to me that he didn't understand a single fucking thing about
>that movie. Tons of idiots, on the other hand, love to school
>me on its profundity.

Then your friend is a complete moron. Even the stupidest of people recognize a PLOT in the movie.

>I'll change my opinion the minute someone can actually tell me
>what the film was about. I know its alternative, but
>alternative-ness dosen't mean the film can be a collection of
>scenes about nothing.

I did, you ignored it. That's it.

>Pulp Fiction completely fucked up movies, because it ushered
>in this era of films that were made to be DISCUSSED and not

Oh yes. It was the ONLY movie meant to be discussed. (Begin sarcasm) Art films were meant to be watched, and those certainly had plots and characters and arcs and all that good stuff narrative film has (end sarcasm). You're retarded for thinking this.