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Topic subjectHow well do you think Pulp Fiction has aged?
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48386, How well do you think Pulp Fiction has aged?
Posted by illstateofmind915, Wed Aug-17-05 06:20 PM
At the time that Pulp Fiction was released, I was about 18-19. And I remember going to see it when it first came out...in a nearly empty theater (this was pre-Oscar hype), and being one of the only ones laughing almost the whole way through.

Which was probably part of its appeal to me at the time. It was like being in on a big inside joke. I saw the movie in theaters twice during its inital release...Then post-oscar i got a job @ a movie theater and got to see it 2 or 3 more times. Then saw it in a discount theater later the following year just so I could catch it one last time on the big screen.

In other words...I loved the shit out of this movie.

But watching it now...even after not having seen it in a couple of years, I just dont think its aged well. It definitely FEELS like its from the 90's....maybe its because so many people fed off of Tarantino's style. maybe its because tarantino's style fed off of a lot of other (better) filmakers who I wasnt as aware of at the time.

I dont know. I actually think 'Resevoir Dogs' has fared a lot better with age.

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