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Topic subjectReading is FundamentaL fuckface..
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47630, Reading is FundamentaL fuckface..
Posted by mcdeezjawns, Tue Feb-14-06 04:29 PM
Though it doesnt surprise me that you cannot wrap that tiny little pea brain of yours around the simplist of concepts...Please by all means point out where i stateed that "the only reason" it isnt on it because of the political climate? First off all, Everyone with a brain knows that Fox has a history of trying to FORCE shows to fit its "mass appeal" broadcast model(I.E Dumbed down shit for American's to lap up in between episodes of American Idol) It has nothing to do with politics, I CORRECTLY used the correlary between King of the Hill and Dubya in the white house, which has NOTHING to do with politics, and EVERYTHING to do with the Dumbing down of American, which clearly has worked for you, as you come off as an extra chromosome carrying down syndrome douche bag in every argument that YOU start...You started a thread about how a critically acclaimed show sucks...you lost...You took a beating in your own post..put your tail between your legs, shove it up your ass and go fuck yourself with it as you walk out...
And the DVD sales for the show speak for themselves...