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Topic subjectWhat's the dumbest shit in Titanic?
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42817, What's the dumbest shit in Titanic?
Posted by Frank Longo, Wed Dec-31-69 07:00 PM
This movie is filled with dumb shit. And I mean other than the fact that there shoulda been more titties.

Girls are crying at my place watchin it on HBO and I'm goin, "Why don't those violinists get the fuck off the boat and cram onto a lifeboat to get home to their families?" The girls say "Cuz it's noble!" Then, Leo's in the water and Rose is on the door, and the girls are saying "They should go in shifts! Why doesn't Jack get on the door too and share?" I was like, "Cuz it's nooooobllllle!"

Girls are so stupid. Heh heh.

But yeah, dumbest shit in this movie?

Poll question: What's the dumbest shit in Titanic?

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Nice jump...too bad you didn't see the HUGE FUCKING PROPELLER!! (1 votes)Vote
Hey kids lying in your bed as water surrounds you...you won't shut the fuck up behind me on a plane, but when being surrounded by an icy tomb of death, YOU'RE FUCKING PEACEFUL?!? (2 votes)Vote
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42818, when she threw the diamond into the ocean at the end
Posted by The Damaja, Fri Nov-04-05 06:08 PM
i said "stupid woman"
and all these girls in the row in front turned round in scorn

but i mean, that was right after she had refused to share the door. or why couldn't he just have swam off and gotten another bit of wood. oh because Rose would get scared.
42819, I'm sayin! Jack's a dumbass. Put her on the door and find your own.
Posted by Frank Longo, Fri Nov-04-05 06:13 PM
He's like, "Maybe she'll share...maybe she'll share...please share...oh I'm dead. I shoulda swam away from that bitch to find a piece of driftwood or some shit to save my life like a sensible man would."
42820, you would think...
Posted by SienaBlaze, Fri Nov-04-05 06:27 PM
the debris from a ship that size would produce more than one door

Siena Blaze
42821, exactly that ball room had big ass tables
Posted by Rajeniro757, Fri Nov-04-05 08:34 PM
aight i know it must of been heavy but i'm gonna have a crew of atleast 7 with me. Best believe if me and my girl was on the motherfucker we would of made it.
42822, it was the sound she made when she did it that got me.
Posted by C Monty, Fri Nov-04-05 07:48 PM
42823, Like she was taking a good shit or something.
Posted by Frank Longo, Fri Nov-04-05 09:30 PM
42824, LOL
Posted by SienaBlaze, Fri Nov-04-05 06:13 PM
All the choices were great but I would have to say Share the door.

Siena Blaze
Posted by DawgEatah, Fri Nov-04-05 06:20 PM

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42826, The whole shit
Posted by TurkeylegJenkins, Fri Nov-04-05 06:30 PM
Worst. Movie. Ever.

I'd rather watch a "Mama's Family" marathon on loop for a month than sit through that rancid tripe.


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42827, damn TLJ, not Mama's Family! LOL!
Posted by ThaTruth, Fri Nov-04-05 08:03 PM
42828, I have never, and will never see this movie
Posted by magilla vanilla, Sat Nov-05-05 12:57 PM
I will go to the grave proud of that fact.
42829, You've saved yourself so much unnecessary pain.
Posted by Bridgetown, Sat Nov-05-05 01:11 PM
42830, RE: Your my boy blue!
Posted by jigga, Fri Nov-04-05 06:48 PM
Steve Harvey said it best in Kings of Comedy. Would've been a little different if that was a black band.

"Man, Kool and the Gang would've been unpluggin shit and telling people "Come on, let's get the fuck outta here, JT get that ampliphier off the flo' before ..."
42831, Lol I remember that... hilarious
Posted by mint_088, Sun Nov-13-05 05:45 PM
42832, Bro's over hoes, you just met this chick!!!!
Posted by subjctmattr, Fri Nov-04-05 07:35 PM
What happenned to your man that you came on board with?
That's fucked up!!

42833, you know MF's will leave you hanging for a peice of ass
Posted by ThaTruth, Fri Nov-04-05 08:04 PM
42834, Fuck that, he shoulda looked out for his OWN ass. Dopey MFer.
Posted by Frank Longo, Fri Nov-04-05 09:28 PM
42835, WHAT Black band *YOU* know gon' keep playin'
Posted by C Monty, Fri Nov-04-05 07:48 PM
with the damn ship sinkin'?
42836, The Roots went down with Geffen
Posted by cantball, Sat Nov-05-05 01:15 AM


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42837, lol.
Posted by DJ Oddysey, Sat Nov-05-05 01:29 PM
42838, *rimshot*
Posted by magilla vanilla, Sat Nov-05-05 02:42 PM
42839, the dumbest shit
Posted by janey, Fri Nov-04-05 08:20 PM
is that people paid to see this.

I haven't seen it, and I don't need any more information than was available at its release to know that I don't want to.
42840, There's some good titties, Janey.
Posted by Frank Longo, Fri Nov-04-05 09:29 PM
42841, And I loved Kate Winslet's costumes.
Posted by kurlyswirl, Sat Nov-05-05 12:13 PM
That's really the most positive thing I can say about it.

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42842, oh, TITTIES?
Posted by janey, Thu Nov-10-05 05:37 PM
Damn, I'll rush right out and see it.

Dog, if I want to see good titties I just stand in front of my mirror.
42843, Dead. Post over.
Posted by JungleSouljah, Fri Nov-11-05 06:04 PM
42844, Share the door.
Posted by cskncream, Fri Nov-04-05 08:23 PM
Not to mention the dialogue that followed. Quick Recap:

Jack: "Don't let go, Rose."
Rose: "I'll never let go."
*Rose lets go*
42845, the only genius part of that movie
Posted by soul creator, Fri Nov-04-05 09:13 PM
was the dude falling down and thunking into the propeller


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42846, You KNOW he saw that propeller and thought "I'll fit through!"
Posted by Frank Longo, Fri Nov-04-05 09:29 PM
Some call it "the mind of a man facing imminent death."

I call it "DUMB SHIT."
42847, RE: What's the dumbest shit in Titanic?
Posted by JFrost1117, Fri Nov-04-05 10:36 PM
The proppellor is the only reason I'll fess up and say I've seen that movie before. That is the single-most hilarious thing I've ever seen on film.
42848, it's up there with Brad Pitt getting run over.
Posted by Samurai_Shampoo, Sat Nov-05-05 12:01 AM
thrice. in Meet Joe Black.
42849, Brad looked like a fucking pinball
Posted by magilla vanilla, Sat Nov-05-05 01:14 PM
it was great.
42850, uhh...the fact that she got *back* on the sinking Titanic
Posted by shamus, Sat Nov-05-05 07:08 AM
after she was already in a life boat. that shit... she basically killed Jack right there. if she had some sense about her ass she would have stayed in the boat and he woulda been able to take care of himself and find his own self a door to float on and then their dumb asses could have hooked back up in America.
42851, and THERE you have it.
Posted by , Sat Nov-05-05 03:38 PM
jack woulda had more of a chance to make if if she woulda stayed on that boat.
42852, Agreed,
Posted by CaptainRook, Thu Nov-10-05 11:50 PM
I don't know how this wasn't one of the choices above.

That was the thing that pissed me off after I saw it. If her dingy ass would've stayed on the damn life boat, it would've been easier for Jack to survive because he wouldn't have to be concerned about looking out for her dumb ass.
42853, that's why Jack called her stupid LOL
Posted by MME, Fri Nov-11-05 02:05 PM
"You're so stupid, Rose!"

But I liked the movie, but I'm a woman, so... **shrug**
42854, Other:
Posted by Bridgetown, Sat Nov-05-05 07:47 AM
The movie is one long, stupid moment.

42855, i have no idea how this movie made any money
Posted by kayru99, Sat Nov-05-05 08:52 AM
aside from being boring as fuck, its dumb as fuck too

42856, December blackbuster-slash-chicks luh dem some romance
Posted by Kuahmel, Sun Nov-13-05 09:55 PM
Who all had girlfriends in '97 not tryna drag them to the multiplex to see this?
42857, that the movie won a fucking oscar
Posted by magilla vanilla, Sat Nov-05-05 12:56 PM
42858, RE: What's the dumbest shit in Titanic?
Posted by BigDOttawa, Sat Nov-05-05 06:35 PM
dumbest shit is when it first came out and people were saying "don't tell me what happens!"

a boat sinks. the end.

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42859, Lemme get this straight......
Posted by WarriorPoet415, Thu Nov-10-05 06:16 PM
You have children and grandchildren, you have an artifact worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and instead of insuring their future, you drop it in the sea to rest with the bones of some dude you went with and boned for one day like 112 years ago?


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42860, this reply is soooo funny.
Posted by Mica, Fri Nov-11-05 07:29 AM
42861, lololol
Posted by smutsboy, Fri Nov-11-05 11:55 AM
at least her ancestors can rest easy knowing she found true love.... for two days

>You have children and grandchildren, you have an artifact
>worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and instead of insuring
>their future, you drop it in the sea to rest with the bones of
>some dude you went with and boned for one day like 112 years
42862, *ding ding ding!*
Posted by theprofessional, Fri Nov-11-05 05:17 PM
we have a winner.
42863, That's gold! (c) Banyan
Posted by sfMatt, Fri Nov-11-05 12:42 AM
42864, The dumbest shit is THE FUCKING SONG, BITCH!!!!
Posted by FrankEinstein, Fri Nov-11-05 12:55 AM
...that Celine Dion fucking tortuous, tedious, fucking painful fucking drivel.

Fuck that shit. Fuck that bitch. Fuck James Fucking Cameron.
42865, That was torture music in ISS
Posted by JFrost1117, Fri Nov-11-05 11:23 AM
I had the luxury of being sent there for slapping a chick, and it was ice cold in there, and they listened to 94.1 here in Atlanta, where all they play is extended versions of "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney, and this crap song. Every. Hour.
42866, Lol a little while after it came out there was a house remix...
Posted by mint_088, Sun Nov-13-05 05:47 PM
I remember hearing it on the radio, probably some dance station. Hearing that once would make you want to listen to the original alllll daaaay lonnnng.
42867, RE: The dumbest shit is THE FUCKING SONG, BITCH!!!!
Posted by theGriddler, Sun Nov-13-05 08:42 PM
I remember one of the radio stations had one that stuck snippets of dialogue in the instrumental parts... it was like twisting the knife.
42868, The boat sinking.
Posted by REDeye, Fri Nov-11-05 01:38 AM

42869, The fact that it was SUPPOSED to be scary that she almost drowns
Posted by Mica, Fri Nov-11-05 07:24 AM
when she almost falls in the ocean and she is saved.

But dude, she is narrating the fucking story, she can't die.
42870, other: it's box office
Posted by LAX, Fri Nov-11-05 12:27 PM
42871, yellow cause I feel yo pain! n/m
Posted by Zorasmoon, Sat Nov-12-05 12:43 AM

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42872, LOL. red
Posted by dopestethiopian, Sat Nov-12-05 12:53 AM
42873, that family guy episode where dude survived
Posted by Bluebear, Sun Nov-13-05 05:57 PM
as was like "yeah i'm kinda seeing someone back in New York, and it's getting serious" is the truest, cause u know that he would've ditched her once they got to new york, Unless she lost that prenup.
42874, Shyne was up in Harlem.....damn near drunk
Posted by SURA, Sun Nov-13-05 09:36 PM
this post made me think of that poet Lemon
42875, Try the fact that this movie even exists....n/m
Posted by Kuahmel, Sun Nov-13-05 09:45 PM