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32397, RE: That's fine.
Posted by Shaun_G, Tue Sep-27-05 07:40 PM
>>That works for me. The humor stays intelligent and
>>to make me laugh. I can't ask for anything more.
>Now, how about those cats who say if you don't laugh it, it's
>because the show is over your head.

See usually I hate when people use this excuse but in this case there might be a ring of truth to it, even though I think it's more a case of being observant than being intelligent. So many of the jokes on AD are built on previous jokes or situations on earlier shows. Personally, I think that's why the show is going to ultimately get cancelled.

After every show I go to a website that discusses the ep and after reading the posts I realize that I've missed 10% of the jokes and I don't miss a second of it.

Shaun G.