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Topic subjectwatch what you say. seriously!!!
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32349, watch what you say. seriously!!!
Posted by dgonsh, Tue Sep-27-05 12:49 AM
look, we can all decide why tonight wasnt the series jem, but gimme a break. this is arguably the best comedy on network tv. id argue it is. its so out there from the robot clone sitcoms weve grown to loathe. do we really want to be nitpicking about something as fresh and hilarious as arrested development? fact lies. this is fox. not hbo. they've pushed so many boundaries on this show that 99.9 percent of other major network sitcoms dont have the cajones to pull out.

PLEASE!! let this post be done with. and just enjoy it while its still on tv. cause soon, it will only be on dvd. this show cannot last much past this season, if that, with rating the way they are. just learn to love it. i beg/