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Topic subjectI might agree with ^^^ dis^^^ wigga
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28225, I might agree with ^^^ dis^^^ wigga
Posted by Orbit_Established, Mon Aug-22-05 10:11 AM
Prollem is, too many Crouchs and Damajas try to make QT into William Shakespeare or fucking George Orwell, and the shit is mad lame.

In fact, I think Tarantino's subsequent films should have told us that Pulp Fiction was NOT THAT DEEP. None of the films that QT has made since have been making a social commentary on a damn thing.

They have been, at best, hip, slick, and funny.

That's probalby what he intended Pulp Fiction to be.

Pulp Fiction does not = Animal Farm.

Its like our generation is trying to manufacture a George Orwell.

Shit gets on my nerves.

>Sure, QT might put little *wink wink* references from other
>flicks, or obtuse pop songs from the 70's, but...
>the dialogue is just interesting and johnny on-the-spot
>convos. Hell, I've had convos that were MORE interesting.
>The witty, and the subtle differences between characters
>resembles the realistic differences between....2-3 average
>dudes talking about the same ish. Honestly...I'll go as far as
>to say QT is the OPPOSITE of what this guy is saying.
>QT's dialogue is the ANTI-"deep, inner-workings"/socio-babble.
> I think it's more realistic than what people want to give it
>credit for. They WANT to find some kinda b.s. to make him
>sound like he's not doing what he's doing...which is make
>realistically entertaining flicks. It's so simplistic, it
>makes people sick, 'cause he's winning w/out trying to write
>another bible of socio-babble in his flicks.


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