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Posted by The Damaja, Tue Aug-23-05 08:27 AM
of those points only B) about the scales of justice is particularly important

the point about metaphors - I only brought that up because you made yourself look like you didn't know how metaphors didn't work, ie. no direct connection. when i point this out you bang on about how there should be a relative connection and try and make it into a triumphant point, what the fuck ever. i could open any book and find metaphors within sentences that convey a basic idea but don't stand up to scrutiny from all sides

the hilarious thing is you can't even provide that scrutiny. the point about the criminal underworld using metric, is not important, but all your criticism of it didn't actually "refute" anything, you're just really jolly about yourself for being a "scientist'. it was a spin off point of what was already a spin off point (which i SAID, quote, was "going too far" the first time i brought it up). you latch on to anything that you can say somehting about, without stopping to think if your criticism actually MEANS anything.

and your "colder, narrower, more scientific' comment continues to make you look like an idiot. look, in getting so caught up in explaining these improbable metaphors (which you actually using as EVIDENCE, jesus) you forgot that colder & narrower were separate points, and built narrower into the colder metaphor. you're full of shit

basically, you did the same shit in the other Pulp Fiction thread where you started a massive argument about the scientific usage of the word "emphereal," even though it's a SHADOW OF A SHADOW of any meaningful/useful discussion people were having. all this stupid "ball in orbit's court" stuff just shows you're one of those childish individuals who argue for the sake of arguing. you're ruined 2 Pulp Fiction threads now, well done

HAVE the gotdamn point about the metric/imperial metaphor (even though you agree it communicates something deeper, you just think we're wrong for figuring it out), i'm giving it to you like an adult who gives a child a toy so the grown folks can continue their grown up conversation