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Topic subjectthink back, and stfu
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28219, think back, and stfu
Posted by The Damaja, Mon Aug-22-05 03:10 PM
i said at the start of the discussion the metaphor is simply different systems of measurement for different systems of morality, anything else is going too far

however since you decided to take it too far with this hilarious shit about metric being innappropriate because it's a "colder, narrower" system (and muscles are tense in the cold and blood vessels narrow, which Tarantino should have thought of, what a moron) it was obvious that you were incredibly bad at attacking what you were claiming was a bad metaphor, so i indulged you

i gave you the idea about the metric system being mordern, therefore appropriate
added that the drug dealer in the film uses the metric system

i gave you the idea that systems of measurement had to evolve into widely shared values, similar to how laws and moral codes had to evolve into widely shared values

i was giving you these ideas simply in response to your idiotic ideas about the suppposed wrongness of the metaphor, to show how easily your ideas could be countered. remember we're still in the realm of going too far

your point about scientists and laborotories using metric measurement, therefore making it "common usage," continues to be irrelevant. OBVIOUSLY in a science lab everything will be in metric. but on the road the signs are mph, at the gym the weights are in pounds, you give your bodyweight in stone/pounds, you order pints, in trade they use imperial units, IE in EVERYDAY LIFE

your point about criminals using metric because thats what their syringes say, that's probably right (except that it's not exclusively the case), but it doesn't actually change anything, all it means is that the drug dealers are among the fastest adopters of the metric system, which actually backs up the idea of using a modern measurement system in a film about evil in modern times

I can SEE your point about measurement units being different from subjective values but 1. it's still going to far, and 2. believe me I can easily reframe the debate so that the metaphor fits the subjective values idea, it's already been done in one of the essays i've read

your accusation about me shaving down my arguement because my comments about the metric/imperial system is intellectually dishonest and ridiculous. YOU are the one who dragged out these complicated ideas about the nature of the metric system (hey, it's cold and narrow reminscent of the unrelaxed muscles and tighter blood streams of the human body in cold temps!), and now you want to say it's my weak arguing.

and you said "what has morality got to do with measurements" which makes it look like you don't understand what a metaphor is, since there's not supposed to be a direct connection

and you're posts are awful. you constantly repeat yourself in the same post, scattering the debate all over the place; and you put in numerous useless lines like 'your argument sucks' and use a ridiculous number of paragraphs (ie one line paragraphs)