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Topic subjectOh. So what does the metric system have to do with morals?
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28204, Oh. So what does the metric system have to do with morals?
Posted by Orbit_Established, Sun Aug-21-05 10:19 AM

I'm listening.

>lol. OR you could look it as the imperial measurement is full
>of more rules, more specifics, and different systems whereas
>metric measurement is simpler, more relaxed and integrated


You could look at the metric system as based on actual physics, rooted in consistent mathematics(based on '10'), with the consistent use of prefixes to define the fraction of measurement(milli, deci, centi, etc).


You could admit that the metric system versus the imperial system has absolutely, positively, nothing to do with morality, at all, and is a terrible metaphor.

>but BOTH points are going too far. if there is a metaphor it's
>simply that different peoples have different moral codes, 3
>yards isn't the same length as 3 meters, carrying drugs on the
>streets of Amsterdam isn't the same as carrying drugs on the
>streets of LA

And like I said, the metric system/imperial system as metaphor for morality is either:

a)A pitiful, shitty metaphor for morality, as morality is difficult to crystallize specifically because its abstract and immaterial, while measurements are material. A 'yard' is the same today as it was in 1900.A 'meter' is the same today as it was in 1900.

'Evil' is not the same today as it was in 1950. 'Evil' is not the same in Brooklyn as it is in Nairobi.

So if it was a metaphor, it was a shitty one, and should have been left out.

b)An even more pitiful example of how you, and Crouch, and whoever else made that god awful connection, are good fiction writers, focusing in on irrelevant details and manufacturing false meaning for....whatever reason....trying to come across intelligent to white folks, in Crouch's case. I don't know what your excuse is.

I'm willing to entertain the possibility that your simply an idiot.

>the difference between measurement systems is a fairly decent
>metaphor for the difference between laws and moral codes

No, its a terrible metaphor.

The evolution of the differences between the imperial and metric system are entirely different than the evolution of laws and moral codes, and is therefore intuitively unhelpful for putting across that point.

In fact, the only thing the imperial/metric dichotomy has in common with the moral differences discussion is the fact that metric/imperial systems are different, in which case the characters in 'Pulp Fiction' could have been talking about any given difference between two random nations, such as currency, language, Gross National Product, Goverment, ethnicity, Imports, Exports, Climate, Mean temperature, literacy rate, infant mortality rate, population, per capita income, population density, average humidity.........

.....a comparison of any of those would have been as good, or better than the use of the metric/imperial systems because the above characteristics are at least largely unique to single countries.....

...yes that metaphor sucked, and you suck for defending it.