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Topic subject"Possibly metaphoric." Lol.
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28202, "Possibly metaphoric." Lol.
Posted by Orbit_Established, Sat Aug-20-05 08:28 PM
>the conversation about "the little differences" moves from
>the possibly metaphoric metric system, to discussion about the
>actual LAWS of Amsterdam, which is closer to morality, isn't

Okay, so what does the metric system have to do with morality?

The metric system is actually the narrower, colder, more scientific system of measurement, so it dosen't, at all, even match the latter discussion of how Europe is more "relaxed" in the sense as they allow the sale of beer, etc.

So again, either Tarantino is an idiot, or Crouch in an idiot, or both.

The Metric system is completley useless in that context.