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Topic subjectRE: This is all very fascinating
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28195, RE: This is all very fascinating
Posted by The Damaja, Sat Aug-20-05 07:37 PM
>But just because you're seeing all this in these movies,
>doesn't necessarily mean that Quentin consciously put them
>there. And for me that's the big "if" to all this. We can wax
>philosophic about his flicks all day long, but the question of
>intent will remain up in the air.

*shrug* I got the point about the metric/imperial systems being a metaphor for subjective morality from another essay which was included on one of Tarantino's DVDs, or at the back of his published screenplays. So that means he endorses it on some level (as with Crouch's essay). And the quality of being open to interpretation... hell, it's a quality shared with Hamlet.