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Topic subjectNo, you weren't. And you've made me dislike 'Pulp Fiction' even more.
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28187, No, you weren't. And you've made me dislike 'Pulp Fiction' even more.
Posted by Orbit_Established, Sat Aug-20-05 08:31 PM

I had no idea the 'Pulp Fiction' zealots were so persistent.

God damn that movie sucks.

>but the point stands, he's not writing for a highschool exam
>board, the fact that he doesn't always give supporting
>quotations doesn't automatically make what he's saying is
>wrong. besides, he gives evidence for most of his points (not
>always in quotation form. and as i say, quotations can be
>misleading), to about the level I usually find in professional

No, he's writing an about an actual film, drawing conclusions about the film's writer and director. He is burdened with having to provide evidence.

>and when he doesn't give evidence, like here
>"In this cosmos of unforced integration, there is a
>fundamental, hard bitten morality; the sole taboos are the
>callous unintentional, and indifferent crimes committed
>against the guilty as well as the innocent. Redemption is
>possible only through the rigors of and dangers of compassion,
>the essence of a loyalty that reaches down as well as up, to
>those who don't understand and to those who do."
>evidence can be readily found in the film. Bruce Willis -
>already with a two homicides under his belt - out of
>compassion rescues his personal enemy from the rapists

Motherfucker, so what?

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