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Posted by kayru99, Sat Aug-20-05 10:27 AM
pick any sentence in the part of the essay about Pulp Fiction. Pick any paragraph. Now find his main arguments and their supporting points, or evidence.

Just the fact that that simple task is not very easy, is a pretty good indicator of how much of a nothing ass article this is.

Throw in the fact that whatever arguments he does manage to present coherently, simply ain't supported in the ACTUAL film, then, yep, hot trash on the page.

And besides...scroll down and look at this dude (he's the cat with the glasses, under Marsalis)...he REALLY DO need some chapstick, lol

I remember being at a symposium with him, quincy troupe and ishmael reed on these two seperate panels...essentially, many black academics consider cruoch an intellectual fraud...and, having read a LOT of his other work, that analysis aint too far off