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Topic subjectRE: LOL. Ninja you didn't write the essays. Stop being sensitive.
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28175, RE: LOL. Ninja you didn't write the essays. Stop being sensitive.
Posted by mc_delta_t, Fri Aug-19-05 09:55 PM
>>and even supress discussion of it
>>and people need to stop using dismissal as an argument
>I am dismissing it because the author is INVENTING things
>about the films. He is writing fiction and passing it off as

now why would I trust your "analysis", over dude who wrote the articles?

>There is no racial commentary in 'Pulp Fiction'. There is no
>cross examination of black manhood, or blackness, or any of
>that shit. There is none. Tarantino didn't intend, nor did he
>accomplish, analyzing or providing salient commenatary on race
>relations in any galaxy I'm familiar with.

now, I'm not gonna flat out say you're wrong, but how do you know this? In addition to that, the great thing about art, is different people get different things out of it.

>His films had shit to do with any of that.
>>that's how Tony Blair got away with the Iraq war, whenever
>>oil question came up, he played his dismissal card
>>sneaky bastard
>I'm going to act like you didn't just say that.
>You get a warning for that.
>Don't let it happen again.

LOL, warning someone on a message board

what in the fuck are YOU gonna do?