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Topic subjectLOL. Why don't you ask Eminem himself?
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28158, LOL. Why don't you ask Eminem himself?
Posted by Orbit_Established, Wed Aug-24-05 07:53 AM
>being white has not made eminems career easier.

He has said that he sells millions of records today specifically because he is white.

He has admitted this.

I didn't invent this.

Sure, he said his whiteness prevented him from being noticed early in his career, but the second he started amassing national acclaim of any kind, his whitenss, his stand-out-ability, was an immediate benefit.

Its really not up for debate.

> i actually
>think its made it completely harder than it needs to be. the
>fact that he's white and when he came out late 90's the only
>comparison people made was vanilla ice.


So his whiteness prevented him from getting into the Source's unsigned hype, from winning the Rap Olympics, getting signed to Aftermath, getting the best producer the game has ever seen to produce his first two albums, and go one to sell more records than any rapper in the history of the game?

I guess I was thinking about someone else.


so he had to prove
>that he wasnt a joke or vanilla ice (same thing now that i
>think about it), and that he actually had staying power which
>is incredibly difficult in the music business. come the
>marshal mather lp. he is now looking for sophemore success. he
>now has to convince the world that he can be taken seriously,
>or its all over. controversial lyrics lead to protests against
>his music, bannings on radio, etc etc.

I know the history of Eminem.

And the protest/controversy actually helped his sales and popularity. Not hurt him.

>he has faced so many hardships to get to the point he's at
>now. its easy for him now, he could shit and record the audio
>of it and he'll win best rap album. but it wasnt that easy
>some years back.

I didn't say it was easy. But its been easy for very few people in rap.

You think Jay-Z's rise from Brooklyn freestyle king to CEO of Def Jam was easier than Eminem's rise to superstardom solely because Jay-Z is black?


>a black rapper might not have had as much success if he
>released the exact same albums, but he would be scrutinized
>the same either.


His whiteness is a blessing and a curse, but much more of a blessing than a curse.

This is why Phaoraoh Monche, and Ras Kass, and Big Pun(who *WAS* a better version of Eminem imo), all as talented, would, could, and will never, ever, ever,ever,ever,ever,ever,ever,ever,ever come close to amassing the fame and fortune that Eminem has.

And I actually like dude a little bit. Believe it or not, I think he's a decent dude.

I also think that Eminem has never put out anything better than a "pretty good" album. Most of his albums are mediocre, at best.


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