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Topic subjectBut see, here's the thing to me.
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28134, But see, here's the thing to me.
Posted by Frank Longo, Sat Aug-20-05 12:08 AM
I rarely enjoy films on a tell-a-revealing-truth-about-society level. Usually films that reach for that piss me off (i.e. Fight Club, but that's a different post).

Can a movie tell me a good story? Can the story intrigue/move/amuse/sadden me? Will this story remain with me after the movie's over? This is what I need.

What I don't like (and what I admittedly don't understand) about film analysis often is the need, the UNDYING DESIRE of these wannabe-intellectual windbags to tie all of the stuff that is WITHIN the story (morality, pride, religion, anything else you could come up with, etc.) to some blanket statement relating to the world. If you wanna talk about movies compared to other movies, cool. Compare characters to other characters in the film, cool. But alla this...nah.

Not to mention this guy states all this stuff as if he's the first one to think of these obvious statements. "There's a battle of the moral versus the immoral." "There are black and white people interacting." These are not huge revelations, as Mr. Crouch makes them out to be. They are merely common sense statements, fluffed up to look like important intellectual bullshit. I am an English major, I've seen bullshit, I've written bullshit, and this is bullshit.

It's not meant to undermine Pulp Fiction, which I enjoy. It's meant to undermine the "art" of Crouch's art analysis, and others like him, where most of these dudes find a thesaurus and grasp at straws, describing these straws using the fanciest words they can find.