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Topic subjectyou're dismissing stuff WAY too quick
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28126, you're dismissing stuff WAY too quick
Posted by mc_delta_t, Fri Aug-19-05 11:17 PM
now, I'm not gonna ride particularly hard for Pulp Fiction cause I think a lot of this analysis was more read into it than intended.

But a lot of people in this post are basically coming across as saying "movies have no meaning but the basic narrative".

And this, to me, is really too bad. It's enforcing that idea that film is just some zone out entertainment and should not be taken as any kind of art. Or, even if art, it's just the art of straight storytelling and nothing more.

As I said before, even if I may not agree with every point in these essays, they're pretty refreshing just for the fact that they are trying to look deeper and find meaning.

Now, another thing I said in another post is, even if QT didn't explicitly put these ideas into his movies, I've found with a lot of art (my own included) people will realize they put stuff into their works that they never even realized! To take it another step, who cares if QT didn't put the meaning there, someone found it, and it played that way to them. I think it's great, and I think it's comendable that dude is really digging, and he made some valid points.

Bottom line, you may not agree, but the amount of hate is ridiculous.

Lastly, I know you are gonna HATE me for bringing this up, but there haev been times in my life where I was extremely frusturated because I DID NOT UNDERSTAND art analysis. Shit, it still happens all the time. Just food for thought.