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Topic subjectYou're as good at this as Crouch is.
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28125, You're as good at this as Crouch is.
Posted by Frank Longo, Fri Aug-19-05 10:17 PM
I think you could write psychoanalytical diarrhea of the keyboard and be published as well.

However, I see the movie a different way. A simpler way. A non-psychobabble horseshit way.

They are characters in a world. They may be different stories, but they are all about the same world. Characters in a world intertwine and relate. Nothing is new, except in this movie, he tells separate stories about the supporting characters in this world.

Good vs. evil and right vs. wrong is a conflict in damn near EVERY movie. Just because QT expressed it with rapists and pop culture and all the other horseshit mentioned in the article/ your reply doesn't mean it doesn't boil down to the same damn thing as all these other movies.

NONE OF THIS IS ABOUT THE WORLD AS A WHOLE. Can the world relate to characters? Sure. But it's not this huge all-encompassing statement about the unbearable battle between evil and good that all of humanity faces and that B-grade Book of Revelations you and Crouch spell it out to be.

QT didn't tell a NEW story with Pulp Fiction. He just told it differently. People took notice because of its unusual structure and its harsh violence.