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Topic subjectStanley Crouch's essay on Tarantino flims (everyone should read this)
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28110, Stanley Crouch's essay on Tarantino flims (everyone should read this)
Posted by The Damaja, Thu Aug-18-05 08:41 AM
Some people think Tarantino's films are all style, no substance. Some peopel might be sufficiently impressed with the style and wit not to bother about the substance. And by substance I mean morals, messages, comments, ideas, philosophies, themes, realized characters, tragedies and other things which we expect in a story that is considered great/profound/a work of art. But in my opinion the substance of is films (pre-Kill Bill) is no less impressive than the style. In fact it's the substance that will see these films endure for decades.

Anyway, I've never seen his work analysed better than in this essay by Stanley Crouch

"Eggplant blues: the miscegenated cinema of Quentin Tarantino."

The article can be found on disk 2 of the Jackie Brown DVD, btw. It deals with True Romance, Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction. I'll post it in 3 parts to facilitate discussion, but remember it's all one essay.

glossary (lol):
miscegenation - Practice of interracial marriage or sexual contact; found in virtually all colonial ventures.