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112945, RE: ??? Refresh my memory
Posted by stylez dainty, Wed Jun-06-07 10:26 AM
Well, she talked smack about Folk Music in the Fountainhead, as well. The horrible villian in the book, Ellsworth Toohey, advocates everything mediocre and common. (He's basically Jambone.) He thinks people should stop listening to the classical masters, and listen to more folk music. But it turns out he knows all this stuff is inferior, and he wants to keep true greatness surpressed.

Then in Atlas Shrugged, there's some character who spends all his time working for charitable causes, a big no-no in Rand's universe. When he lists off the causes that he works for, Rand just uses it as a way to list off things she doesn't like. Included in his causes are psychology and folk music. It's such a weird, awkward tangent, that you can tell she must really hate folk music (and psychology, NO TOM-O)if she feels that obligated to find some way to shoehorn it into her opus.