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Topic subjectRE: What's Your Nerd Ass Reading Now? (A Book Post)
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112917, RE: What's Your Nerd Ass Reading Now? (A Book Post)
Posted by roaches, Mon Jun-04-07 07:12 PM
summer reading so far:

"the omnivore's dilemma" - i thought, "i had no idea..." several times while reading this, which is always good. i haven't thought so much about food since i tried to impress this vegan girl in charlottesville. it kinda depresses me, though. how do we get ourselves out of the industrial food chain? i'd move to a cabin in the woods until you guys sort it out, but hunting and gathering sounds very difficult.

"god bless you, mr. rosewater" - this was the first kurt vonnegut book i read, when i was in high school and needing something to look at while i prayed that adobe audition or whatever it's called didn't crash and destroy my short film for english class. i still like it a lot, though people who read more than me tell me it's not so great. come on, that baptismal speech is awesome.

"seven seconds or less" - the one about the suns. i kinda want to kick shawn marion. i probably enjoyed this the most out of all the books i've read lately. as far as getting inside a team, this is as good as it gets for most of us short of sitting courtside.

"world war z" - i read this in one sitting. maybe that's why i lost interest at the end (there are only so many consecutive minutes i can devote to zombies without pot), but until then i was pretty much hooked. i can't wait for the movie. war AND the undead?

now reading:
"the black book" - this is my third pamuk, and probably my least favorite so far. i didn't like "snow" at first either, though, so i'm gonna keep going.

"the assault on reason" - i have an audiobook, not the actual book. so i'm not actually reading this. i find it impossible to listen to disembodied voices unless they're telling jokes or talking about traffic. so i just put this on before bedtime and lull myself to sleep. i'm making the best of it, i guess?

"the road" by cormac mccarthy