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Topic subjectI'm reading a book I do NOT recommend.
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112898, I'm reading a book I do NOT recommend.
Posted by janey, Mon Jun-04-07 11:02 AM
Free Food For Millionaires, by Min Jin Lee. It's a first novel by a Korean-American woman, and it purports to give perspective on Korean-American issues and sensibilities.

Nah, it's a chick lit novel with a little ginger and tofu mixed in. It sucks and it sucks worse that it's going so fast that I'm gonna finish it anyway, lol. And to think I bought it not only because of the blurb but also because when I flipped it open I saw her properly using the subjunctive mood, so I thought, oh, okay, at least she can write. No. Sorry. I took the hit on this one so you won't have to, not that any of you smarties woulda been suckered in the way I was.

:-( I was hoping for a female Chang Rae Lee.