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Topic subjectI try not to go to nigger theatres
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110415, I try not to go to nigger theatres
Posted by MikeLove, Thu May-17-07 05:12 PM
and I try not to see nigger moviers at nigger theatres opening weekend
but niggers wanna fight and I sho aint shusshin nobody black at The Show
that only makes 'em louder

went to see Pride (no homo)
like a month after it came out
so it was only playing in 1 theatre in the city
and 15 people were in the entire screening
why 7 of them niggaz together talking at the beginning
OF PRIDE!!!!!!
i'm hoping they dont talk the entire movie
they didnt. they shut up on their own
problem solves itself
i didnt get shot

*sorry if my white ptp'ers are offended by my usage of the n-word