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Topic subjectthese 2 women wouldn't stop conversing during King Kong
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110397, these 2 women wouldn't stop conversing during King Kong
Posted by buckshot defunct, Tue May-15-07 06:09 PM
Which was made more problematic by the fact that their 13 unruly ass kids were sitting between them. To make matters worse, they were making and taking phone calls the whole time as well. I was pretty mad about it until I remembered I was in King Kong, and it's not like the dialogue mattered that much.

The most recent "talker" experience I had during a movie was actually on a plane. Now, I know movie watching on a plane isn't quite as sacred as movie watching in a theater, but still... Basic rules should apply. I sat next to a woman who talked the whole way to China. That's not a figure of speech mind you. The plane was going to China and she talked for its entire duration. And drank. She drank a lot, too. So, you know, she'd be tapping me on the shoulder during Deja Vu, and I'd have to take off my headphones and explain time travel to her, while she's swigging little bourbon bottles out of her purse.

Then when 'Man of the Year' (or whatever that movie is where Robin Williams is president) came on, she kept telling me to put my book down, or wake up, or whatever, because I NEEDED to watch it. Because Robin Williams is just that good, evidently. When the movie ended, she applauded.

That last one is a little different, because in that instance the talker is actually interrupting your non-movie watching... But it was still hell regardless.