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Topic subject*cries*
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110373, *cries*
Posted by kurlyswirl, Mon May-14-07 10:56 PM
So I yelled, "Shut the fuck up asshole!" then
>hid for the remainder of the film.

I think everyone thought I was a
>baby hater. But goddammit, I wanted to see The Hulk throw
>tanks without a baby coo every 20 seconds.

"Loser, we're just
>tryin to have fun asshole..." and shit like that, so I turned
>and stood and said, "Shut up or I'll shut you up" and as I sat
>I said "I will beat you like your father if you keep talking."
>No more muttering.

Wow, on some George Costanza "The Opposite"-type steeze.

(Hmm, two Costanza references in the same post. Does this mean I watch way too much Seinfeld?)


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