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Topic subjectI had one of those friends, too
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110363, I had one of those friends, too
Posted by janey, Mon May-14-07 04:51 PM
I had to make him move 400 miles away.

Actually, I didn't make him do it but when he said he might, I never said "don't." lol


We went to see The Departed & he was kind of babbling all the way through, and I kept patting him and hushing him, and then when what's his name says to Leonardo DiCaprio "I didn't understand how you could be there because I gave you the wrong address," my friend turns to me and *shouts* "JANE HE GAVE HIM THE WRONG ADDRESS!!" at which point I said, "yes, now STOP TALKING"

I learned that "hush" doesn't work. Patting doesn't work. Modelling behavior (leaning over and whispering directly in his ear in response to something he says) doesn't work. "Stop TALKING" worked.