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Topic subjectRE: I have so many stories about this
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110359, RE: I have so many stories about this
Posted by kurlyswirl, Mon May-14-07 04:31 PM
>First of all one of my boys is a "loud talker" in the theatre
>and I'm always giving him the "will you quiet down" look.

Um, yeah...I have a new friend who's like that. Stereotypical black guy talking at the screen. *sigh* We've only been to two movies together and luckily they were the kind of movies where it probably didn't bother anyone else, The Host and Grindhouse. Whenever he directs his comments at me, I don't respond, just nod and keep watching, hoping he'll get the hint. So, now I'm very hesitant to bring him along to any SIFF screenings, 'cause I don't know if he's like that with all kinds of movies.

Right when the Warner Brothers logo comes up
>for the film, my youngest brother, who was about 11 at the
>time screams "Time to get your Oh Face on. Oooohhhh,
>ooooohhhh" from Office Space. Everyone laughs their asses
>off. Movie starts, everyone is quiet, all is forgiven.

Wow, he was only 11, saying that? That I'm a little shocked by that makes me feel old. lol


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