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Topic subjectLast time in happened to me was the ATHF movie
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110354, Last time in happened to me was the ATHF movie
Posted by alias for mrhood75, Mon May-14-07 04:03 PM
Or the "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" movie, for those who've probably never heard of it (ahem, Janey).

I knew there was trouble when I went and saw it with a friend openning night, and a large group (like 15 of them) of obviously inebriated teens/twentysomethings walked in. First they sat behind us, but fortunately moved to the other side of the theater before even the previews started.

When the previews started, the continued to talk and yell and carry on. They were detterred for like three minutes when my friend yelled "Shut the fuck up!!!" right as the movie itself started. Then the went on blathering away loudly. About 20 minutes in, my friend went out to complain. About 30 minutes later I went out to complain. When I did, the manager said, "Wow, you're the third person to complain." Then basically proceeded to do nothing.

But on some levels, what the fuck was I going to do? It was the ATHF movie. The stars were a talking happy meal. Everyone in the theater was either stoned or should have been. Plus, well, there were a hell of a lot of them. And I can look and act sort of intimidating when I want, but I doubted that it was going have an effect on a group of 15 drunks that were about 10 years younger than me. It was a no win situation.