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Topic subjectThis probably happens at SFIFF too, but...
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110321, This probably happens at SFIFF too, but...
Posted by kurlyswirl, Mon May-14-07 04:50 PM

A SIFF staffer is always there to introduce a film, and remind people to turn off their cellphones...not just put them on vibrate, but silence them and put them away so no one has to see the glowing blue screens. But I especially like it that at least one of the staffers likes to tell the audience to unwrap their candy now. That usually gets some laughter and applause. lol

>I don't know why you and I know this and others don't.

Probably because we take our film-viewing more seriously than most. I think a lot of people think of going to a theatre as a social event more than actually *watching and listening* to a film.

>But from now on, I'm just gonna tell people to go get their
>refunds, lol.

If only that were an option at all movies.


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