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Topic subjectRE: By the time I say something I'm usually fuming
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110320, RE: By the time I say something I'm usually fuming
Posted by janey, Mon May-14-07 03:03 PM
>>in part because I think that it's common sense that you
>>should not rattle bags, snap gum, or hold conversations
>>movies, so I think you have to be either brain-damaged or
>I especially love it when someone's slooooowly unwrapping a
>piece of candy during a quiet scene, thinking they're being
>quiet. Just get it over with! Or, you know, couldn't you wait
>for a loud scene?

I know, right? I have a cold and I have to blow my nose occasionally. Before the movie started, I put a bunch of kleenex in my pocket so I wouldn't have to fumble for them or even take them out of their little plastic container during the movie. AND I waited until there was noise on screen to blow my nose.

I don't know why you and I know this and others don't.

But from now on, I'm just gonna tell people to go get their refunds, lol.